DEFINITION OF INCISAL EXCURSIVE WEAR: wear on the lingual surface joining a conventional incisal lesion

An incisal edge defect may join lingual attrition defects derived from excessive function. This occurs when teeth are rotated or malposed, or the overbite is deep.

The preparation design derives from the enamel axioms see Enamel Axioms.  The lingual wear is deepened to the extent necessary to confer longevity (Axiom #6, sufficient thickness for wear), i.e., until the perimeter enamel is at least 0.5mm thick, and the walls of the lingual preparation are beveled from the dentin (Axiom #4 always bevel from dentin)  and  beveled (Axiom #3 almost always a bevel)  and Axiom #5 always a proportionate bevel)by inserting a 7404 bur or fissurotomy bur into the preparation, as appropriate to the dentin exposure present, and the widening of the preparation dentin  base necessary to confer a perimeter enamel thickness  of at least 0.5mm. Walk the bur around the perimeter at slow speed, beveling but not over-cutting beyond the this criteria, because this would enlarge the footprint of the restoration unnecessarily. The photos below illustrate the treatment of a lateral incisor.