The Bandbender™is a universal matrix system that custom shapes flat metal bands to proper convexity.Then you can restore teeth correctly each and every time. It eliminates the need for an inventory of sectional matrixes and can change flat Tofflemire style bands that produce flat and faulty proximal shapes to a form that is ideal. It comes as a kit including everything needed to custom shape Tofflemire matrix bands and restore 72 teeth. Contact our supplier, Sure Dental Innovations

  • the Bandbender itself
  • a special shaping bur
  • a polishing bur
  • a special scribing instrument
  • 25-page instruction manual
  • matrixes and wedges for 72 cases

See A letter to Dr. John  about why  we need the Bandbender™

BANDBENDER GUIDE: At the moment, the guide is only available to customers who have purchased a Bandbender. Contact Dr. Walford at for the Complete Bandbender Guide.


  1. Restorations of proper contour and gingival adaptation are reliably produced even if virtually no coronal structure remains.
  2. Composite restorations are no longer limited to preparations with conservatively extended proximal boxes.  Big can now be beautiful.
  3. Marginal fracture is pre-empted and food impaction is avoided. Proper contour is achieved and there is sufficient bulk in the right places in the proximal restoration.
  4. Remember embrasures? With the Bandbender your occlusal embrasures will floss readily. Buccal embrasures will look right, and lingual embrasures will exclude food retention.
  5. Eliminate clinical frustration–  eliminate matrix switching mid-procedure along with the time-consuming and clumsy approach which incurs bleeding and failed isolation
  6. Cost -effective–  repairing failed contacts disappears from daily practice.
  7. Rotated teeth and wide/broad contacts can be treated without difficulty
  8. Custom sectionals can be created inexpensively and quickly but still can be used with any ring system on the market.
  9. Root furcations can be readily treated without overhang by contouring the gingival band in reverse
  10. Better temporaries for non-retentive inlays
  11. Anterior teeth with sub-tissue lesions can be banded and develop proper emergence form.

These features are not found anywhere else in the matrix market.


The Bandbender™ never needs replacement , being made of surgical stainless steel, with no moving parts the Bandbender can be autoclaved indefinitely. The consumables are available from all supply houses.The special Bandbender burs can be obtained from our supplier, Sure Dental Innovations


Purchase through or Sure Dental Innovations at 1-877-277-2335.  Purchase cost (2020) is CAN $450 including tax and shipping unless on special. This is less than other matrix systems.


There is a 90-day money-back guarantee less shipping if it does not meet its claims.


Remember, there are no rings to fatigue, break, or get lost, no array of expensive sectional matrixes that never quite fit, no expensive pliers for ring placement or removal, and no obtuse or ineffective wedging devices to throw away.


Dr. David Mazgaj, DMD, General Practitioner, Buffalo, NY., April 2015
“I have used the Bandbender™ for several years. It is not an invention that ends up in the bottom drawer.”I keep mine close at hand in my clinic and it is the go-to for large or difficult cases, and pulls success out of the hat each and every time.  Thanks to Dr. Walford on behalf of my patients, for helping to bring my quality of work and peace of mind up a big notch.”

Lower Molar 3 – surface preparation
Restoration completed with the Bandbender