The Bandbender – the universal custom circumferential matrix for all applications, for restorations of all sizes and contours. A perfect, anatomical contact every time under the control of the operator.

Handbook of Composite Excellence.  Under construction, publication Spring 2018. This will be a digital text available in whole or in part covering treatment and composite restorations in GV Black categories I, II ,IV ,V ,VI and Incisal Attrition  from assessment to finish.

Handbook of Composite Prosthodontics: Under construction, publication expected Spring 2020. A digital text covering methods for rehabilitation of severely broken down dentitions using composite inside the umbrella of fixed prosthodontics.

Handbook of Adhesive Bridges : Under construction, publication expected late Fall 2019. Covers two modalities; the Inlay-Flange adhesive design for anterior teeth, and, for posterior teeth, the Yamashita adhesion-driven designs.

Blog: Composite methodology seldom remains static. Blog subscribers can follow updates to the pages they have purchased in the Handbooks and follow correspondence with practitioners using  the  concepts and methods in their practices.

Consultation:  This service entails a half hour ZOOM conference with a Handbook purchaser or Seminar Attendee concerning a selected portion of the seminar or Handbook.

Seminars:   Dr. Walford presents in a number of time formats, and has been an AGD presenter in day-long presentations.