Zoom seminars


A Zoom Seminar is an online screen-sharing presentation/meeting/collaboration  on a specified topic.Dr. Walford’s Zoom programs generally  run from 1 to 1.5 hours.


Fees are determined on a custom basis. Contact Dr Walford at pwalford@telus.net for a quote


In order to run a Zoom seminar, all participants need a computer with Zoom software (free online) downloaded and installed in a computer equipped with microphone and webcam. All participants can listen to the program, see the slide sequence, and also speak to anyone attending in the virtual “room”.

Participants do not need to be in the same place  and in fact may be logged in anywhere in the world.

Unlike previous platforms, in Zoom the presenter delivers the presentation from his screen but may exit it in real time to access anything from his computer, for example, the Internet or a drawing tablet. This flexibility permits the presenter to produce a finely prepared program that can also be customized on the fly for the attendees.

Zoom is a free download.


For General Dentists: Restorative Dentistry Nuggets.

Any subject on this website can be encapsulated into a single or or series of one-hour segments and delivered to dentists in a study club or other organized dental setting.For participants this offers the advantage of being able to question the presenter on the subject matter and fully explore the clinical applications  that they are interested in. This is the best thing next to having a presenter chairside Monday morning, and is a good complement to having purchased one of the Handbooks. Learning together is always best, and builds fellowship in our often isolated solo-practice world.

For Hygienists: Sealants

This 1 hour seminar describes how to correct the often flawed composite sealant to deliver bulletproof sealants using the best products from start to finish . Unfortunately, the status quo in sealants frequently fails in its preventive mission due both to poor science and compromised execution.

For Periodontists: The Inlay-Flange Splint for stabilizing anterior sextants.

This 1.5 hr.seminar illustrates the Inlay-Flange splint methodology and discusses how it can provide inexpensive, durable, esthetic and rapid splinting for mobile anterior teeth. For those periodontists lacking a referring GP with the necessary skills, it represents an additional income stream and the best method yet for achieving this purpose. Forget fiber and wire/resin splints and their unwanted bulk and crudity.





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