About Dr. Walford



Dr. Peter Walford is a 1975 graduate of McGill University Dental School.   In 2003 he began mentoring an operating study club., founded to pursue excellence in this rapidly- emerging field.

After 2007 his teaching evolved to a comprehensive website on which to base lectures on adhesive dentistry to study clubs, dental society meetings, and university venues in BC.

In 2010 he became the first online mentor with the BC Dental Association and taught programs with them for four years.

Since then he has been asked to demonstrate procedures on the Live Stage at the Pacific Dental Conference . He lectures frequently across Canada.See Presentation History.

His articles have been published in national dental journals and  was inducted into the Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics http://www.cardp.ca as a Fellow in 2012. See Published Articles

This new website consolidates the previous website material  foundation into 3 Handbooks which will be downloadable and will form a comprehensive and scientific guide for clinical adhesive dentistry. He currently offers live seminars and online programs to dentists around the world.

He began practice in Vancouver in several associateships, including General Anesthetic Dentistry as an adjunct for a decade. As well he worked in a variety of locums, and volunteered in several overseas settings.

Since 1980, while operating three solo practices ,he has been a member of many study clubs, including

  • Advanced Amalgam Technique (Jacobsen program)
  • Prosthodontics (Dr. Jamie Kaukinen)
  • Orthodontics (Dr. Mark Lawrence)
  • Tucker Cast Gold  (Dr. R.V.Tucker)

For the last 33 years he has practiced in two adjacent communities,  Hornby and Denman Islands. In these small communities dental needs often have to be met with small budgets. Poor treatment cannot be tolerated in small communities, but stable populations allow one to observe successes and shortfalls over many years of recalls.



The Hornby/Denman clinic is a year-round mobile made possible by the mild climate of coastal British Columbia. It runs on a 38 foot long converted bus  and operates year long with two CDA staff in the dental team. Dr Walford designed and completed this bus conversion himself, in about 4000 hours, after having built several clinics previously, and being an accomplished boat-builder.



Dr. Walford has no commercial relationship, investment or affiliations to the products recommended in his program. He is known by his peers on Vancouver Island as a responsible innovator who has undertaken the commitment of mentoring these subject  to assist other general practitioners. He is the inventor of  a device to produce custom-contoured circumferential matrix bands, an essential part  of placing large composite restorations,  Bandbender™. and receives income from its sale.

Dr. Walford’s family includes four children and eight grandchildren. He shares the work of a market garden and hospitality business with his wife Robin.|He is a former triathlete, performing musician, avid sailor and sail instructor, and a builder of  multihull sailboats.

Contact Dr. Walford  at:

Work: 1-250-335-2933 (Hornby Island)

Work: 1-250-335-2788 (Denman Island)
Home: 1-250-335-0824
Fax: 1-250-335-0826

Cell phone 1-250-218-9238
Personal Email: pwalford@telus.net 

Work email: dr.peterwalford@gmail.com