This page houses a summary of  flowable resin properties. This is by no means  an exhaustive list of the enormous number of flowables on the market.


Within the flowable family many are very similar in formulation, differing in easily perceived variables such as viscosity,radiopacity,handling, and  esthetics which are clinically important and can be ascertained by trial.

However, as an engineering enquiry, this spreadsheet is designed, like the resin parameter spreadsheet,  to reveal deeper aspects that cannot be evaluated by our senses but which will critically determine the longevity of our restorations, freedom from fracture, polish, and applicability to patients within different functional envelopes, from dainty biters to massive bruxers.

These numerical values derived from scientific testing, information requests from suppliers, or transcribed from outside testing houses.

  • flexural strength
  • elastic modulus
  • polymerization contraction
  • filler load
  • particle size
  • abrasion resistance
  • abrasivity
  • thermal expansion
  • The resins chosen were

Unfortunately, the research for this project was carried out at least 7 years  ago, quickly, and the source of the numerical data was not annotated. What value does it have currently?

It lasting value is to identify a critical discrimination for structural excellence. A thorough, annotated and contextualized review would form a very nice doctoral thesis. Somebody should do this.