DEFINITION OF ROLLED EDGE RESTORATION: defined as long-standing attrition, often against an upper denture, where the enamel periphery is rolled or radiused, so that it cannot be mechanically instrumented into a fresh-cut rod-end internal margin, nor is a bevel perfectly attainable. It represents a compromise restoration where enamel axiom #1, enamel axiom #2, and enamel axiom #3 cannot be perfectly met within a Minimally Invasive Framework. Satisfactory clinical life and effective bonding are attained by sandblasting with 27-micron aluminum oxide, recognizing that the resin restoration  resembling a trumpet will present a very thin perimeter, subject to chipping.

This writer’s experience has been positive, when placing well -etched,well-bonded, and heated resin confers satisfactory 5-year results. Note the sclerotic dentin in the photo below; sandblasting is shown to improve adhesion to sclerotic dentin.