Handbook of Composite Technique

This link leads to material necessary to achieve beautiful, trouble-free, long-lasting, comfortable, and effective restorations in traditional GV Black categories .

This Handbook is targeted for release as a web-based book that also can be downloaded onto Kindle. What will it contain?

All steps in the restorative chain will be covered from examination to final articulation, including resin selection, contraction management, light-curing, isolation, hemostasis, bonding, matrix, placement, resin selection, finishing and polishing.

End the guesswork. Learn from a master in a readable and scientifically-based program that has been proven in the hands of hundreds of practitioners taught by Dr. Walford over the last 17 years.

  • Class I
  • Class II
  • Class V
  • Incisal Attrition, a new category of treatment, which could be called Class VII, which also includes material about Class VI (Cuspid and molar cusp tip restorations) and Class IV

Restoration completed with the Bandbender