Our new look.

Congratulations! You have reached the heart of the teaching material on this website. This website is being rebuilt after 15 years on a different platform.

Previous website:  The previous site was  an exploration of the dimensions of composite restorations and support material for  study club members and seminar attendees. It was  400 pages and difficult  to use.

It is now being packaged on a different web platform into user-friendly downloadable handbooks as stand-alone products. These will become available to seminar attendees for a period of time after a seminar.

Blog: A blog is planned to connect handbook purchasers to updates in the fast-moving field of adhesive dentistry.

Follow these links to:

  • Handbook of Composite Excellence: Publication targeted for spring 2019. G.V. Black Class I, Class II, Class V and Incisal Attrition  procedures that render beautiful, long-lasting, painless outcomes in real-world clinical dentistry.
  •  Handbook of Adhesive Bridges: under construction, publication expected Fall 2019.
    • Posterior Adhesive Bridges: – designs offering less reduction, lower morbidity, and bulletproof function
    • Anterior  Adhesive Bridges: next -generation Inlay-Flange Maryland bridges . No de-bond, no greying of abutments, beautiful esthetics
  • Handbook of Composite Prosthodontics: Under construction, publication expected Spring 2020. This is a new assemblage of procedures unified by the use of mounted casts,  centric and excursive occlusal  registrations, laboratory wax-up,  transparent stents, and subsequent restoration of the full dentition, both anterior and posterior in composite resin, to full contour, following the stent guide to a predetermined outcome. These methods are used to restore severely degraded dentitions either on a final basis or as a transitional platform towards conventional crown-based treatment.