Dear Patients.

After 37 years, the dental bus is closing down, and Dr. Walford will be ceasing clinical practice.  A list of practices that can take new patients is now on  this page. Hopefully  This will reduce the amount of time you will need to find a new practice to call home.

To all who have been with us over these years, a heartfelt thanks for your loyalty and appreciation! We have been the object of much love for the last few months as we have been saying our goodbyes. I can think of no other place I would rather have practiced than here.

The dental bus will remain for sale for another 12 months in the hope it can remain on Hornby Island, its birthplace, and be reactivated.. If you know of a dentist who wants to change to a lifestyle on a Gulf Island, send them our way, at


Please have your new office request records and x-rays at This email will be reviewed weekly by ongoing personnel and it will take another week to arrive as hard copy by mail. There is no charge for this service.


One of the best ways to find yourself a good dentist  is to ask your friends who they have been happy with. This gives you an inside look at the  office atmosphere, policies, quality of care, and other concerns you will want to know about before booking.

However, in no particular order, here is a list of dental offices that are accepting new patients in the Comox Valley. If the office you want is not listed here, they may have advised me in my research that they are at capacity, but perhaps they  will make an exception for friends or family of a patient already in their care.

However, this list will hopefully save you a lot of frustrating legwork in calling practices that are already full.

In this list, when a name precedes the clinic name, it means that it is a proprietorship. and you are likely to see just one dentist.

If it is listed as a clinic, it will likely mean that it is corporate, or that it has multiple associates, and you may not always have treatment with the dentist who examines you. Be sure to ask about that if it is important to you.


Drs. Norfolk and Chen, Downstream Dental 250 338 6263

Dr.. Cyrus Bachus, North Island Dental, 250 897 8447

Dr Sharma, Crown Isle Dental, 250 338 2599

Driftwood Dental, 236 233 1970

Acreview Dental 250 338 9085

Courtenay Dental Health and Implant Center  236 300  8498

Braidwood Dental Clinic 250 338 0809

Courtenay Dental Clinic 250 338 5011



Dr. Phil Nasarella Comox Dental Clinic 250 339 2252

High Tide Family Dental in Comox 236 302 3319

Arbor Dental Center, 250 339 2253

Comox Avenue Dental Center 250 339


Sincerely,Dr Peter Walford