At the Pacific Dental Conference  in Vancouver on March 8, 2019 , I demonstrated a lower-arch  molar MODL restoration on the Live Stage in the Exhibit hall. The Bandbender™ was an key part of the procedure. A large number of attendees “got it” and placed orders for Bandbenders with Sure Dental Innovations, our dealer for Bandbenders™.

Haven’t heard of the Bandbender? It’s the game-changing matrtix-shaper that makes large composites successful. Without it, don’t pass go, don’t collect $200.When sectionals become useless, bring out the Bandbender™.

You can’t talk about flight if you haven’t got wings. The Bandbender shaping system is a cornerstone to large composite success. It develops properly curved proximals from a flat  typical Tofflemire matrix. No broken contacts, no food traps, no expensive repairs. Win every time. Restore boxes of any size on teeth with any amount of missing tooth structure.

It could bring an enormous improvement in your restorative capability and your practice satisfaction. Stop doing it the hard way.


Other high points of the demonstration:

  • Glass fibers- which are the best, and indications for placement
  • Cusp shoe design principles –  bevels and the science behind them
  • Outside-in gingival box preparation- protecting the adjacent tooth from iatrogenic damage
  • Up-scaling gingival margins –  avoiding recurrent decay from enamel margin failure
  • Isolate rubber dam- the best in the industry
  • The Sippressor retromolar saliva ejector- an essential patient comfort and isolation device
  • Custom wedge trimming- seal the gingival matrix and protect the curvature of the Bandbender™ matrix
  • Contact Formers to guarantee proximal contact
  • Etch- the most effective products
  • Rinse- the most effective protocol
  • Double-priming dentin, essential for postoperative comfort
  • Caries detector for 100% certainty of caries removal and old composite removal
  • Sandblasting for optimum margin adhesion
  • Managing flash
  • A sandblasting scavenging system to preserve operatory air quality
  • Adhesive – a versatile DC MDP -based adhesive with a long success record
  • Bulk-eze DC bulk fill, the only good bulk fill on the market with research to prove it
  • Flowable first gingival increment  to prevent contraction damage to dentistry’s most  fragile margin
  • Wet-pack placement- eliminating bubbles at cusp shoe margins
  • Voco Grandioso, a very tough resin  with parameters to validate it
  • Curing- deeply and powerfully to rapidly  increment large restorations
  • Calibrating cure to the resin; joule requirement
  • Proximal post-curing- to ensure maximum cross-linking at the heart of the restoration
  • Occlusal shaping and polishing – a simplified, rapid  method
  • Articulation – a rapid and exacting verification method  that meets best occlusal principles and delivers postoperative comfort

Perhaps you know these techniques, but if not, they are part of the Class II restoration method in the Handbook of Composite Technique, an online source book soon to be available from this site. Check back at the end of May for publication date.