After a lengthy development in offshore markets, Tokuyama launched a new resin at the prestigious Chicago Midwinter Meeting in February 2019, and also at the Pacific Dental Conference, March 2019 , Omnichroma

Its singular claim is an ability to blend with very wide range of tooth shades using only a single shade. A second accompanying resin provides masking/opaquing where needed.

The Promising aspect of this product: Universal shade match is a new property and it promises to simplify inventory for both dentists and suppliers, improve the cosmetics for the patient, and solve heretofore unmet clinical problems such as shade mismatch between restorations and teeth  after teeth have been whitened (bleached) through a peroxide program, office-provided or OTC .

But how de we evaluate any new resin?

Have a look at how I evaluate resins…See RESIN SELECTION



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In Spring 2019 we will be publishing the first of three Handbooks on Adhesive Dental Procedures, See HANDBOOKS

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